Business Intelligence as a Service (BlaaS)

Provide dashboard and reporting for management and business manager. Provide ongoing support and new dashboard onboarding for new users, partners, customers and provide  maintenance service for the existing dashboards.

Data Lake and Data Management as a Service

Provide support to the Data and Analytics in database design, data flow and analysis activities. Also maintenance, improvement, cleaning, and manipulation of data in the business’s operational and analytics databases. To deliver business information to a company’s end-user community.

Data Monitization as a Service

We provide analytic platform that for monetization for both internalize or externalize. Customers will feed enterprise data integrated with our collected external data into the platform. Analytics applications can provide business insight using analytical algorithms and machine learning.

Robotic Process Automation as a Service

Provide Bots with cloud-based software designed to offer innovative Robotic Process Automation Services.
This can transform business processes, data collection, data analytic and cognitive service.

Digital workforce BPO as a Service.(DBPOaaS)

Provide business process outsourcing in the digital workforce, we provide digital and virtual staffs for processing Sales and Marketing, Human Resource, IT Outsourcing, Financial and Accounting. Reporting and Dashboarding for our digital workers are provided to the management team.

Log, Compliance, SOC as a Service

Collect your event logs on our managed log appliance in your site or on our cloud. Our team will monitor for critical events and summarize log report for your IT team.

Network&Security Analytics as a Service

Our team will monitor, record and/or analyze your network traffic and aleting your team if any problem or suspicious event occur. Network optimization suggestion is also a part of our job.

IT Operational Analytic as a Service

Real-time network and system operation dashboard will be created from your network traffic, event logs, unstructured data, and other data sources. Your IT team can now start working in data-driven approach.

Application Performance Monitoring as a Service

We will deploy our agent softwares, scripts, and/or appliances to monitor your applications, systems, and network performance and availability at the same time. Gain real-time insight of what makes your systems slow or unavailable.

 AWS, Azure (IaaS,PaaS) Onboarding and Managed Service

Provide Azure platform service. We are help customer to select best way to digital transformation to use cloud. Including migration traditional to cloud or change to Platform as a Service with operate ,maintenance and consultancy..

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